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Holiday Gift Guide

couple in front of tree
Oh the holidays, the season of giving and receiving! The time of year where we find ourselves gazing into the beauty of the snowfall but spending more time inside creating warmth. But the best part of the holiday season is spending time with the ones you love and the ones you create love with. We know that holidays are usually spent finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life, but might we add that traditional gifts are a thing of holiday past. If you’re looking to spice your holiday love life up (and not just the eggnog), then let this gift guide be for you. For Her: It might be hard to be exact on something that she will like. Fear not, anything that provides clitoral stimulation will be perfect. Most females need clitoral stimulation to climax anyways. One of our top picks is the We-Vibe Tango. This chic, whisper quiet bullet is great for solo play and even couples play. With its smooth hard surface, this bullet emits strong powerful vibration with various vibrating patterns. Tango is also great for shower play with its waterproof feature and rechargeable ability, this bullet is a great gift for the beginner or the pro. Dual stimulation is another great gift idea if something a little more than clitoral stimulation is desired. Hop Rave Rabbit is perfect in not only size, but function. This slim silicone rabbit is designed for comfort and gyration g-spot stimulation. The clitoral stimulation is extremely flexible for constant stimulation. Designed with three motors, two within the shaft and one for clitoral, this powerful rabbit is an upgrade from many we’ve seen in the past. All over body massages are a way to set the mood and help create intimacy. For as far as we can think of, hands were the one thing we used to create that moment. Now, due to the creative minds of the adult industry, body wands are the best way to go. Palm Power is a small yet powerful body wand that can also be used for sexual pleasure. This body wand has multiple attachments and is powerful. Vibration is not always needed for that special moment. Maybe something a little more fulfilling is a great gift for the woman who desires a little of penetration. Advant silicone dong is perfect with its array of colors and different textures, this dong is great for self-pleasure or even couples play. The newest addition to the adult world is one that provides a different style of clitoral stimulation (or nipple). The Satisfyer Travel is just that toy, this submersible product is small, chic, and powerful. The way it works is creating a seal around the clitoris and providing vibration to all the sensitive nerves. This travel size toy is the perfect gift for the woman on the go. All the latest rave in sexual satisfaction is G-Spot stimulation. This once not talked about pleasure zone has been the desired pleasure point and sought out by both men and woman. We’ve learned that this spot is the place to be in order to fully achieve a penetration orgasm. Pillow Talk Sassy does just that. Its smooth silicone and flexibility is perfect for G- Spot stimulation. This classy design also includes a Swarovski Crystal that controls vibration stimulation. Every holiday season, we get hypnotized into buying the newest technology items for our everyday tech use. When the stylus came out for cell phones, we no longer had to fumble around with our fingers to click and navigate exactly what we needed. Now, Zumio has created that just for women. This stylus-like toy offers pin point precision for one of the greatest orgasms. This powerful toy has the ability to not only stimulate the clitoris directly, but also underneath, the clitoral legs and anywhere else you wish it to go. Perfect for those trying out different stimulation points for a better heightened orgasm or for those whom need some power to help get them going. For Him: Now what would the holidays be if the only orgasmic gift giving was one way? This is our gift guide for the men in our life that we want to experience a wonderful holiday climax. Masturbation aides have increased over the years and have really stepped their game up when it comes down to versatility. Pipedream created a masturbation aide that is pretty close to being the real thing. The Dirty Talk interactive masturbator was designed to replicate the female body…and her voice. This silicone torso is great for the man who needs more…more frequently. They come in many styles and all provide the same thing….Intense orgasms. Now if he’s seeking a little more discreet play this winter, MainSqueeze offers a line of male masturbators that not only add increased suction but also pressure. They are easy to clean, fun to use, and can also replicate his favorite actress in the industry. They’ve changed the way traditional strokers were and made it very clear on their objective on heightening climax and making alone time a lot better. Despite the hype of the female G-spot, Men also have the same pleasure zone. With the stimulation of the P-spot, men can have heightened climaxes, added health benefits, and also increase the chances of reaching a Super Orgasm. Aneros helps create body shuddering orgasms and stimulates the P-spot. Whether you use the Eupho Syn toy alone during masturbation or during intercourse, your man will not be disappointed with the results. Nothing can be more pleasing than heightened sensitivity during intercourse or masturbation. We Vibe’s Verge is the perfect C-ring that does just that. This rechargeable c-ring is powerful and pleasant. It can be worn multiple ways to create multiple stimulation points. Not to mention with it’s app capability you can control the Verge from your phone or let you partner take over. Bigger can sometimes be better, and girth isn’t such a bad thing either. Whether he’s familiar with air pumping or pumping in general. Bathmate took the pumping game to another level with water pressure. Now with water, this pump is easy to use and a lot more comfortable for him. This product guarantees growth not only in length but also girth. The best part is, it can be used in the shower for discreet pumping. This product is the perfect gift for the man who wants results. However you plan to spend your holidays this year, we hope that some of it is spent intimate! Let this holiday guide help bring many orgasms to you and your partner and set the mood indoors while the outdoors keep you inside.
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