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Darling Devil uses smart charging technology to distinguish between standard or ‘FUN Brand specific’ rechargeable batteries, while running equally well on both.
This isn’t just a battery operated toy.

You can even charge rechargeable batteries inside the toy *with the additional purchase if you wish of the Fun HYBRID KIT, for all of the convenience of a battery toy-plus the eco-friendly benefits of a rechargeable BATTERY vibe. In short, Fun Factory has invented entirely new technology to bring you the best vibrator possible.

DARLING DEVIL gives you the kind of vibration you crave: deep, rumbling, and of course, strong! BATTERY+ toys feature the most powerful battery-operated motors on the market. Unlike most battery toys, it maintains the same level of vibration strength throughout its entire charge, for powerful FUN until the end!
You can get down to business faster when you want to play.

Use as soon as you get home!
About 1 hour continuous play on highest setting
Lock function for easy travel
Quiet & discreet
BATTERY+ Toys take regular or FUN Brand rechargeable batteries for flexible power.

Designed For Discretion
No need to leave this little devil out charging when you have company! Just toss it in a drawer and put in fresh (or freshly charged) *Fun Brand batteries Only when you’re ready to play.


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